Blenheim hill Restaurant

Green salad Blenheim Restaurant

This restaurant is a rare find because of its particular fresh ingredients. Because they own their own farm upstate New York they are able to grow most of the ingredients to keep it a true real food, farm to table restaurant.

The atmosphere for dinner is similar to a fine dining restaurant in the west village but with some old style touch having oil style light bulbs where you see the coil lighting up. There is also a little rustic touch with old farms tools hanging from the wall or DIY light bulb with flowers inside.

If you are a foodie, like me, then it’s a must try place for a romantic dinner, an elegant birthday (they have a private room for bigger parties) or to show you family coming from out of town.

Address: 283 W 12th St, New York City 

Price: $$

Food: Farm to table American 



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